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Christmas mosaic – summing up the Christmas project

1. Day # 18 – ok one last of this tree – and a question, 2. Day #1 – Our tree, 3. Day #9 – Cozy Monday Glögg, 4. Day # 10 – I’m seeing […]

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Day #16 – Stockholm decorated

    I think the decorations in Stockholm this year are lovelier then ever!

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Day #12 – The inn of Carlshäll on Långholmen

The inn of Carlshäll on Långholmen in Stockholm offers a very special Christmas atmosphere: Btw. My Christmas project turned out to be a little (!) overambitious. 20 pics a day, editing and publishing in the […]

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Day #10 – I’m seeing stars today

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Day 10 part # 1 – shine the light, it’s too darn dark now

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Day #8 – Elf

This idea was actually a lot better in my head, before I executed it. I got to play around with my flash, anyway. Notice that the poor fellow ended up in the water.

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Day #7 – lights

      Not so happy about these, but I guess there must be such days too. The project is getting me out there, and learning, and I’m doing both. From this I learned that […]

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Christmas project – day 1

I love this glittering season of light that is Christmas. For that reason I have assigned myself a task, or a project. These are the rules of project: I must produce at least 20 captures […]

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