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Christmas mosaic – summing up the Christmas project

1. Day # 18 – ok one last of this tree – and a question, 2. Day #1 – Our tree, 3. Day #9 – Cozy Monday Glögg, 4. Day # 10 – I’m seeing […]

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Christmas day I had the beach to myself

   The coastline just east of Trelleborg on Christmas day. The afternoon light was delicious as the sun dove behind the clouds. This is the first in a series of shots taken that day. I […]

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Day #24 – Christmas Eve!

On this day my Christmas project comes to its’ natural halt. Sorry to say I have not been able to come through a hundred percent. Manly due to ambitions set too high, but also due […]

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Day # 23 – Abstracts at the mall

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Day #16 – Stockholm decorated

    I think the decorations in Stockholm this year are lovelier then ever!

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Day # 15 – The beautiful tree of Skeppsbron

Rumor has it, that this marvelous tree has been voted"the most beautiful Christmas tree" so many times in competitions, that it is no longer allowed to compete. Don’t know if it’s on national or international […]

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Day #12 – The inn of Carlshäll on Långholmen

The inn of Carlshäll on Långholmen in Stockholm offers a very special Christmas atmosphere: Btw. My Christmas project turned out to be a little (!) overambitious. 20 pics a day, editing and publishing in the […]

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Day # 11 – Christmas decorations and some fruit


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Day #10 – I’m seeing stars today

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Day 10 part # 1 – shine the light, it’s too darn dark now

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Day #9 – Cozy Monday glögg

No time to find any Christmas spirit outside home so I decided to create some at home… Bag in a box Glögg – that’s perfect!   Per loves the ginger snaps… And so does the […]

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Day #8 – Elf

This idea was actually a lot better in my head, before I executed it. I got to play around with my flash, anyway. Notice that the poor fellow ended up in the water.

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Day #7 – lights

      Not so happy about these, but I guess there must be such days too. The project is getting me out there, and learning, and I’m doing both. From this I learned that […]

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Day #6 – nutty decorations

    We spent the weekend in the archipelago. Not much Christmas decoration or spirit was to be found on the island. On Saturday it rained all day, and to be able to comply with […]

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Day #5 – Glöggparty and some more decorations

  We had a Christmas gathering in our courtyard. That really got me in the Christmas mood! Got home and shot some more decorations.

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Day # 4 – Christmas decorations of Gamla stan & Central station of Stockholm

      Christmas atmosphere found in Gamla stan (Old Town) – Köpmangatan, and inside the Central Train Station of Stockholm.

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